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1850 – 1891 (41 Years)
Reverend Mitchell Stroy founded Daughter of Zion Baptist Church in Eastover, South Carolina. Reverend
Stroy was pastoring Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Eastover at the time, therefore he named this new
Church “The Daughter of Mt. Zion”. Rev. Stroy served both churches at the same time, preaching at Mt.
Zion on the first and third Sundays of each month. Services were first held outside under a tree. Later,
under Reverend Stroy’s administration, a log cabin was built. Rev. Stroy rendered service faithfully until
his death in 1891.

1891 – 1936 (45 Years)
In 1896, Reverend H. J. Ryals became the second Pastor. Under his leadership, a new wooden church
was built, but was later destroyed by fire. While the church was being rebuilt, services were held at a
nearby school, the German Town School. After using the school for some time, the new church was
rebuilt in 1916. The new structure was considerably larger and included a balcony.


1937 – 1988 (51 years)
Reverend Ryals passed away in June of 1936. In May 1937, Reverend I. B. Butler was elected pastor of
Daughter of Zion Baptist Church. Under his leadership, a new brick veneer building was constructed in
1940. An Education Building was constructed in 1975. Dr. I B. Butler served faithfully for over 50 years.


1988 – 2022 (34 years)
In April 1988 Reverend Andrew D. Jones was installed as the 4th pastor. During his leadership in 1991 the
church purchased 8 acres of land around the church. In 1996 we started building on the Multi-Purpose
Center and had the dedication in July 1997. Purchased Portable Classroom Building in 2008. In June
2011 Daughter of Zion name was changed and Truth Church and Ministries founded. In the passing of
Pastor Andrew D. Jones in May 2022, Henry Simons was installed as the new Pastor of Truth Church and
Ministries in August 2022.

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